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1. What are the typical things you need to know before you can provide a quote to a customer?

For Individual tax returns it is helpful to know how many payment summaries from employers, how many share dividend statements, how many rental properties etc. For Businesses copies of previous financial statements helps in providing a quote.

2. What makes your pricing competitive?

The value we provide makes our pricing competitive. We strive to add more value than the price charged. We are here to save you money or make you money.

3. How do you normally charge for your services ?

Services are generally charged for by providing where possible an upfront quote or on a time basis if it is too difficult to come up with a quote due to the nature of the service.

4. Is there a particular area that you specialise in?

Felix and Co specialise in Property Investors and Developers, Businesses, Structures such as Companies and Trusts,  Joint Ventures, Business Valuations, Business Advice, Tax Returns, Franchising , Trades and Services, Family Law assistance.